Camping on the 4th Of July

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camp-out-colorado-lake-dillon-fireworksMany people go camping on or around the 4th of July. It is in the middle of summer when the weather is warm and the camping conditions are right for camping.

Make the most out of your trip this 4th of July by making sure you are a responsible and respectful camper. Under no circumstances should you ever take any fireworks up with you camping. This is just a recipe for disaster. Especially in years where the summers are extra hot and the risk of forest fires is high. As far as I know every campground in Colorado that I have visited does not allow fireworks. It’s dangerous and the risk of forest fires is just too high. Compound that with the remoteness of most campgrounds and their inability to respond to fires quickly, there is just no reason to take such a risk.

Depending on the year and the fire danger conditions many mountain resorts or lakes will put on firework shows for the 4th of July. This is definitely something to look into. Check out all the popular resort locations within 30 or 40 miles of your campground. You may just be surprised about who is setting off fireworks for the 4th of July.

If you haven’t seen some of these firework shows they set off in the mountains you should definitely try to make it to one. Many places will set off fireworks over the a lake for safety, such as the firework display they do at Lake Dillon every year.  This is a very popular firework show that many go to every year. It is certainly a sight to behold watching them put off a fabulous firework display over a Rocky Mountain lake.

Unfortunately due to an abnormal heat wave most firework shows, including those in Denver and other popular places, have been canceled due to the extreme fire danger risk. This year (2012) you may be hard pressed to find a firework show. Don’t let that be an excuse to bring up your own fireworks camping and have your own show firework show this 4th of July. There are very good reasons why the fireworks are banned. You can be held liable for any fines and the cost to put out the forest fire should you be linked to starting one!

As a substitute we like to take up glow bracelets and other glow in the dark things and let the kids play around in the campground putting on their own firework show. You can use flashlights, laser pointers and LED’s. They are fun and safe for the campground. Plus the kids will love it and it will tire them out for a good night’s rest.

However, if you just can’t go without fireworks look up some of the popular firework shows around the country on your phone. There are bound to be a few that are still on this year. Gather everyone around the camp fire when you find the feed and watch the show if you must get your 4th of July firework fix. Just please don’t set off any fireworks of your own while camping this 4th of July. Far too much of our nations wilderness has already burned this year. We can’t afford silly and selfish mistakes to burn down any more of our beautiful country.

Happy 4th of July campers! Stay safe!

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