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Colorado Fire Restrictions and Fire BansKnow before you go! Fire restrictions and fire bans are common in Colorado due to our increasingly warm and dry conditions. To help out our fellow campers we have added this quick reference map to the current fire restrictions and fire bans in Colorado. Make sure to check this to get an idea of the fire restrictions and fire bans that may be in effect in the area you will be camping in.

We do not maintain or update this map ourselves. If you want to know when the the last time the map was updated follow the map link to it’s own page and it will say when this was last updated.

Colorado Fire Restrictions and Fire Bans Map

Below is a Google map of Colorado. The counties are color coded to give campers or those that are planning camping trips a quick reference to the fire restrictions that may be in place.

Interactive Fire Ban Map Information:
Click on the map to show the information links for each county and fire restriction. 

Blue: Indicates a County Enacted Fire Restriction in place.
Gray: Indicates areas that have not reported a fire restriction to Colorado emergency management.

Fire Restriction Definitions

Note: Possessing, discharging or using any kind of fireworks or pyrotechnic device is
always prohibited on National Forests.

Click the following link to see the specifics of what each stage of fire ban means.

Please Abide Fire Restrictions and Fire Bans

Campers should always be careful of the fire danger when they are out camping. Please make sure to respect any restrictions in the area. Also let your neighbors know, kindly, of any fire restrictions they may be unaware of. Please make sure to put all your fires completely out. This means no smoke or heat. We usually soak the fire ring so it is a literal ash soup, just to be sure. Even the smallest ember can reignite the fire with a small breeze. Also keep an eye out on your neighbors as well to make sure their fires are also out. When it get’s hot and dry it is too easy to have a small spark turn into a huge wildfire.

Hopefully this Colorado Fire Restrictions and Fire Bans map will help campers take the proper measures to protect and preserve the campgrounds we enjoy year round. Thank you for being a considerate and careful camper!


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18 thoughts on “Fire Restrictions and Fire Bans

    • Camper T Post author

      Click on the fire restrictions map where you are interested in. It should take you to the website that reports fire restrictions and bans for that area. Camp Out Colorado does not maintain this map or the external websites. We just put this here for easy access.

      Looks like they are at at Stage 1 right now.

    • Camper T Post author

      For questions in a specific area, click that area on the map. Then follow the directions to where the most recent information is. This is usually the county websites.

  • Kelley Williams

    When there is a fire ban in the area, are we allowed to have a fire in one of the metal fire cages? It will be protected, and there is a caged/fenced lid. I have a cabin in Clear County, and there is currently a ban. Thank you for your help!

    • Camper T Post author

      You will have to check the map and the specifics of the ban. Bans usually include campfires even in a ring or pit. However, these bans often allow gas stoves. When the bans get elevated they can include gas stoves, any open flames, or sparks. This can include lighters and cigarettes. Each county sets their own limits. So unfortunately there is no neat and easy answer.

    • Camper T Post author

      If you click on the source link you can see the raw spreadsheet. Here it shows when it was last edited. It looks like as of today it is nearly a month old. That in of itself is not too helpful. However, you can click the links on the maps to the counties and area you want to camp for the most up to date information. does not maintain the fire restriction raw data, we just post it here because we think it is so useful.