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Colorado Fish Stocking Report 2015New Colorado Fish Stocking Report page for 2017!

This page has been updated to provide anglers with better control of the fish stocking information. By default the page shows the most recent fish stocking information. Anglers can now also search our database of historical fish stocking information for a specific date or a body of water. Just enter the name or date which you would like to view then click search. If you have any issues with this new tool please post them in the comments below and I will fix them ASAP. Enjoy!

Here at, we want to provide you with as many tools as we can to make your camping experience better.  Use this Colorado fish stocking report as a guide. Find out what lakes have been freshly stocked with fish in Colorado. This may help you decide between Colorado’s many wonderful lakes and rivers. To find out the best fishing time make sure to check Camp Out Colorado’s solunar calendar!

One of my favorite things to do when I’m camping and enjoying the great outdoors is fishing. There’s nothing quite like some fresh fish when you are out camping. A nice, hot, healthy meal is the perfect thing when camping. This fish stocking report can help you find the recently stocked fish in the area where you will be camping.

Even if you do not like to eat fish when you are camping, the sport of fishing is a lot of fun. Catch and release fishing is something the entire family can enjoy. Whether you are fishing from a boat, on shore, or working your way down a river, it’s a great way to enjoy what nature has to offer.

Increase your chances of catching fish by checking the Colorado fish stocking report. Each section of the fish stocking report shows an area that was stocked within a week from the date of the report. Whether you are out camping or you live by one of these locations, you can increase your luck if you fish recently stocked lakes and streams.

In the table below you will find a list of the lakes and other bodies of water in Colorado that were stocked with fish in the last week from the date above. The time of year and the temperatures of each region will determine if these areas will be stocked or not. The type of fish that are stocked will also vary depending on the location and the temperature of the water. Here is a short list of the fish that are most commonly stocked in Colorado:

  • Rainbow Trout – Rainbows can be found in most mountain lakes and streams, as well as many plains reservoirs.
  • Saugeye – This hybrid of walleye and sauger has been stocked into reservoirs throughout the eastern plains of Colorado since the 1980s.
  • Channel Catfish – Channel cats are native to eastern Colorado and have been stocked in warmer rivers and reservoirs throughout the state.
  • Smallmouth Bass – Introduced to Colorado in 1951, smallmouth have been stocked in warm- and cool-water reservoirs and lakes in many parts of the state.


Fish Stocking Areas in Colorado – Recently Stocked With Fish

The table below identifies where catchable fish (approximately 10″) were recently stocked at the time of this report.

Fish Stocking Report Filtering


Fish Stocking Report

Northeast Region

Allen Park Lake
Aurora Reservoir
Bittersweet Lake
Cherry Creek Reservoir
Kriley Pond
Mead Pond #2
Slough Pond

Northwest Region

Axial Basin Lake
Craig City Ponds
Enochs Lake
Fruita Reservoir #1
Fruita Reservoir #3
Gypsum Ponds
Sweetwater Lake

Southeast Region

Anticline Lake
Beckwith Reservoir
Green Mountain Falls Lake
Monument Lake
Pike View Reservoir
Rampart Reservoir
Runyon Lake
Schryver Park Pond
Willow Springs Pond #1
Willow Springs Pond #2

Southwest Region

Big Meadows Reservoir
Brown Lake Lower
Continental Reservoir
Crawford Reservoir
Gunnison Pond
Haviland Lake
Hot Springs Reservoir
Jackson Gulch Reservoir
Mountain Home Reservoir
Pac- Man Lake
Ridgway Reservoir
Riverway Pond
San Luis Lake
Stabilization Reservoir
Twin Spruce Ponds

Note: Data from Colorado Parks & Wildlife information. 2016 to Present

Links to Colorado’s Fishing Atlas

Another great tool besides this fish stocking report that we like to use here at for fishing when we are camping is the interactive Fishing Atlas. The Fishing Atlas provides a host of information, including driving directions, stocking details, and locations of the nearest license retailer.

To use this resource, click on the provided link under “Body of Water”, and the atlas will open in a separate window. Once the atlas is open, you can zoom in or out, or click on the location to display detailed information. Feel free to play around with the options on the far left of the atlas for other types of information and displays.

Best Fishing Times Calendar

Another great fishing tool on is the Best Time to Go Fishing Calendar. The Best Time to Go Fishing Calendar is a dynamic page that looks up the best times to fish for the day. It also gives you the next 30 days of expected best fishing times as well. Use these tools together to plan and enjoy the most of your fishing trips!

The best of luck to all those Colorado campers heading out there to fish. Remember, catch and release is the way to go! Make sure you take a camera, a ruler, and a scale with you so you can document your catch then release it back into the water as soon as possible. This is the only way to preserve the waters for others that we have all come to love when we are camping and enjoying the great outdoors.

Other Great Fishing Resources

*Stock data gathered from:

If you are looking for some tips and tricks on fly fishing, check out

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