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Dowdy Lake Campground Camping ReviewThe Dowdy Lake Campground is a large camping and outdoor recreation area in the north central Colorado mountains near Red Feathers. It is a nice mild weather, family friendly campground that accommodates a large amount of campers throughout the year. During the normal summer season the campground remains full from the beginning to the end of the camping season. If you would like to camp out at Dowdy at anytime during the summer I would highly recommend making reservations as far in advance as possible. The only chance of getting a spot without reservations will be arriving mid week and still Dowdy Lake Campground is unlikely to have any openings. Since it is so mild at Dowdy Lake Campground it is a great place to camp throughout the winter months. They turn off services and shut down a large portion of the campground but it can be camped in year round.

Dowdy Lake Campground Information

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Driving Directions:
From Fort Collins, take Highway 287 north for approximately 24 miles to Livermore. Turn west on County Road 74 and continue about 23 miles to Dowdy Lake Road. Turn right, then another right onto Dowdy Drive and continue to the campground.
8,120 Feet
Total (62): Standard Electric (52), Tent Only Nonelectric (10)
Peak season is June through August. Walk in camping available year round.
Activities and Amenities:
Reserve a Campsite at Dowdy Lake Today!

Dowdy Lake Campground Review

This is a well-maintained campground, with multiple camp hosts carefully raking and preening each site minutes after the guests leave.  The rest room facilities are updated outhouses, which are handicap accessible and lighted.  There is running water throughout the camp, which is turned off usually the last weekend in September.  The fishing is good, the weather is usually mild and the water is icy cold.

Because of how well this is tended and how close it is to Fort Collins (literally less than an hour), this location can be VERY busy.  Reservations are filled literally when the date becomes available. Due to the quantity of campers and anglers, the fishing can go up and down from stockers to almost nothing.

The best time to fish this campground is in late fall, after Reservation timelines expire (usually Labor-Day Weekend).  The climate gets colder, and close-to-shore RV locations are almost non-existent, but if you can walk in and pitch a tent instead, the trout succumb to the end of season fishing.

Reserve a Campsite at Dowdy Lake Today!

If you have been camping at Dowdy Lake Campground please post your likes, dislikes, and suggestions. Your fellow campers would love to hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “Dowdy Lake Campground Camping Review

  • wayne dowdy

    I live in Mt. I would like to visit next year. I’m a wild life artist and landscape painter. I would love to visit. Hope to see you soon

  • sylvia

    We visited a friend who owns a house at Dowdy over the weekend and we were highly impressed!! The lake is wonderful and the trail around the lake is fun just casual walk. There are a few areas where you have to go through water to get to the other side, it would be nice if there would be a board over it for people who have a hard time navigating. We planing on camping there soon but I see reservations are difficult to reserve this time of year, fortunately we have a friend by the lake so we can still use the amenities. Thanks for this wonderful get away.

    • Camper T

      Glad you had fun. We went camping up there recently as well. The water is higher than it has been in a long time. That is the cause of the some of the issues on the trails. Normally the water level is well below those.

  • Camper T

    Just got back from a great trip up to Dowdy and wanted to say that the water is high and the fish have no signs of anchor worm this year. That is good news!

    Other then that the place is nice. The frog croaking was fantastic to go to sleep to at night.

  • Camper T

    There have been spots on the stocker fish in Dowdy this summer. After talking to the ranger there on 9/22 it was confirmed that these fish have anchor worm. It is a parasite that is common with “bad batches” of stocker fish. It also only presents itself when the waters are abnormally warm. They verified that it is OK to eat the fish with anchor worm.

    After hearing a couple dozen different reasons and excuses why these fish (among others around the state) have had these spots I figured it would be useful to get the verified cause out where others would find it.

    The ranger said that the anchor worms can tend to make the fish feel sick and not terribly active. Places with these anchor worm outbreaks tend to have worse fishing than there norm.