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Recognize Theodore Roosevelt on Presidents Day

On Presidents Day make sure that you take a moment to reflect on one of the greatest presidents and champions of America’s natural beauty, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. He was one of the most influential presidents ever to be in the office in regards to protecting and enhancing America’s plethora of natural wonders. Not with standing his efforts in politics, the economy, American rights and his far from standard foreign policy, he excelled at watching out for and protecting America’s natural beauty.

Here are just a few of his contributions that made such an impact on America’s natural beauty. He helped to make sure Yellowstone was reserved and protected from industrial interests. He created the Pelican Island Bird Reservation to fend off the extinction of the birds there whose feathers were used for hats. Created more than 50 animal refuges nationwide through his long . . . → Read More at Camp Out Colorado: Recognize Theodore Roosevelt on Presidents Day

Take a Map on Every Camping Trip

Colorado Mountain RoadsBefore heading out of town camping, or even on a day trip, you need to be prepared. When I’m going camping, I like to print out the maps of the campground as well as maps of the surrounding area. It’s also a good idea to take a look at any other areas of interest may be in the vicinity. Then you can plan possible side trips should you find the time during your camping trip. These areas could also be good places to go when the weather turns bad. It’s no fun being out in bad weather. You can use this time to hop in the car and take a short trip to a new outdoor area and explore the surrounding area while the weather blows through.

This National Geographic TOPO software package is a great investment . . . → Read More at Camp Out Colorado: Take a Map on Every Camping Trip