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Great American Backyard Campout

Great American Backyard CampoutFor 10 years now the National Wildlife Federation has been sponsoring the Great American Backyard Campout. The Great American Backyard Campout is to help get people out camping and introduce new people to the joys of camping. This year they are hoping to get 200,000 thousand people out camping for the Great American Backyard Campout. Will you be one of them?

Here is a letter with more info about the Great American Backyard Campout.

Think back a moment to some of your favorite summer memories. Chances are, many of them involve vacations and spending time outside.

So what’s a great way to help build more favorite memories this summer?

Here’s your chance to create memories that will last a lifetime by taking part in . . . → Read More at Camp Out Colorado: Great American Backyard Campout

Free Fishing Weekend June 7 and 8

Free Fishing Weekend in Colorado June 7 and 8

Colorado’s free fishing days are coming up on June 7th and June 8th. Outdoor enthusiasts can fish without a license. All other rules and regulations apply so make sure to stick to your fishing limits for whatever you are fishing for. Fishing is a fun and family friendly activity that everyone can enjoy. Colorado is wonderful place to fish as we have a large variety of types of fish. Colorado is almost split in half with cold fresh water fishing areas in the mountains and higher elevations (approximately 6000 feet or higher). At lower elevations and out along in plains there are fresh warm water areas to fish (approximately 6000 feet or lower). Colorado is rich in both large bodies . . . → Read More at Camp Out Colorado: Free Fishing Weekend June 7 and 8

Bellaire Lake Campground Hit by High Wind Weather

Bellaire Lake Campground ClosureOn May 22nd the Bellair Lake Campground was hit by a high wind weather event. There seems to be some dispute weather this was a tornado or a micro-burst. However, whatever it was, this has caused the Bellaire Lake Campground to be closed until further notice.

Luckily nobody was hurt. There were a few camping in the campground at the time but were not hurt. Luckily this happened before they were really busy with the summer camping crowd.

For up to date information on Bellaire Lake Campground please visit American Land & Leisure’s website: Bellaire Lake Campground closure updates.

American Land & Leisure is the company that owns and operates Bellaire Lake Campground. They will post information on their page as soon as they know when Bellaire . . . → Read More at Camp Out Colorado: Bellaire Lake Campground Hit by High Wind Weather

Pine Beetle Spraying near Red Feathers and Surrounding Campgrounds

camp-out-colorado-bellaire-lake-path-to-lakeSome of the campgrounds in north central Colorado are going to be closed for the first few weeks of camping season. Due to the late season snow the mountains received this year, the US Forest Service was unable to spray the campgrounds for pine beetles before the camping season begins. The pine beetle spraying in these very popular campgrounds is now scheduled to start in late May and go through mid June. While these popular campgrounds are being sprayed, no camping or day use will be permitted. It’s important that the US Forest Service get these campgrounds sprayed before the pine beetles have a chance to lay eggs in healthy trees.

If you have camping reservations for campgrounds in this area, you should be receiving information . . . → Read More at Camp Out Colorado: Pine Beetle Spraying near Red Feathers and Surrounding Campgrounds

US 36 to Estes Park is Re-Opening

telluride_town_park_flowerUS Highway 36 to Estes Park is set to reopen November 3. This is great news to all of us that love to head to that beautiful Colorado area. The flood hit this area extremely hard and they would love to have tourists back up visiting the area. So if you get the chance head up to the Estes Park area and enjoy the beautiful fall scenery. Not only will you be able to enjoy a very nice part of Colorado but your visit can help to revitalize the hard hit area. Just because the regular camping season is over, doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy the Colorado outdoors!

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Government Shutdown Closes Campgrounds and Many Parks

earth-day-camp-out-coloradoThe government shutdown is having a large effect on the many National Parks throughout the country. Many are staffed with a skeleton crew or shut down all together. All of these closures and services are closed down because congress can’t seem to get its act together.

Unfortunately it’s times like this that the far off distant politics swing back around and show how they really do affect each and every one of us. Not in some abstract or far reaching impact, these government shutdowns are putting a stop to our camping trips. The inability for congress, and to a lot of extent our entire government, to get anything done is crippling our country and threatening our future and the future of this beautiful countries natural resources.

I urge all of you nature . . . → Read More at Camp Out Colorado: Government Shutdown Closes Campgrounds and Many Parks

Perseid Meteor Showers this Camping Weekend

camp-out-colorado-perseus-meteor-showerIf you will be out camping this weekend make sure that you do not miss the Perseid Meteor Showers this weekend! August 10th and 11th will be the peak of the Perseid Meteor Showers this year. The best place to see them is while you are camping far up in the mountains where there is little to no light pollution. Campers should make a habit out of appreciating the stars when camping anyway but this weekend should be something special!

Comet of Origin 109P/Swift-Tuttle Radiant Constellation Perseus Active July 17th through August 24th, 2013 Peak Activity August 11th and August 12th, 2013 Peak Activity Meteor Count Up to 60 meteors per hour Meteor Velocity 37 miles per second Notes The Perseid Meteor Shower is known as one of the best meteor showers to . . . → Read More at Camp Out Colorado: Perseid Meteor Showers this Camping Weekend