National Parks

Celebrate Colorado Public Lands Day May 20 May 20th has been set as Colorado Public Lands day! Take the time to Celebrate Colorado Public Lands Day at one of the events listed below. I want to thank the Colorado General Assembly for taking an important step to show how valuable our […]

Celebrate Colorado Public Lands Day

The government shutdown is having a large effect on the many National Parks throughout the country. Many are staffed with a skeleton crew or shut down all together. All of these closures and services are closed down because congress can’t seem to get its act together. Unfortunately it’s times like […]

Government Shutdown Closes Campgrounds and Many Parks

Although the actual impact on campers in National Parks may be less than originally feared, it’s a good idea to check to see how the Sequester has affected your planned camping trip to a National Park before you go. Sequestration is a set of automatic spending cuts contained in the […]

Sequestration Effects on Camping