General Equipment Camping List

General Equipment Camping List

General Equipment Camping List for All Trips

This General Equipment Camping List is what every camper should use to get their trip off to a good start. The camping equipment listed here is what every camp should have. Each of these items has a good reason for being on the list. Even though some of these items might not be used on a particular camping trip, you will be happy you have them when you need them! A prepared camper who is organized with the right equipment can really make a camping trip great!

The General Equipment Camping List below shows two columns of check marks: the first makes sure you own (or have located) everything you need for your trip. The second column is for checking them off a when they are actually packed. This is a great way to double check that you have, and have packed, everything you need. This system has saved me frustration more than once when heading out to go camping!

The General Equipment Camping List is broken down into three separate sections:

  • Roughing It: Camping gear you will absolutely need.
  • Prepared Camper: Camping equipment that is nice to have.
  • Deluxe Camper: Not necessary but really nice to have in certain situations.

Use the print button to print a copy for you to use. Or you can “print to pdf” if you’d like this camping list on your phone or tablet. I have left a few blank fields on the list so you can add anything you would like.

If you are missing any items or need to replace an item, just click on the hyperlinked name of the item to search for one you want.

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Roughing It: General Camping List

This is the must have camping equipment you should take camping to make it a successful and enjoyable trip.

This is the list of general camping items and equipment that everyone should always take camping. It is an assortment of gear and equipment that will help to make sure that your time camping is a good time.

Have Packed Equipment Description
BBQ Starter Start a fire even in terrible windy or wet weather.
Beach Towel It is always good to take a towel.
Camp Chair Relax in while enjoying nature. Take 1 per person.
Camp Spade Trench latrines, clean out the fire, or route water out of camp.
Cell Phone Emergency calls, text communication, pictures, and Candy Crush when it's raining. Remember accessories! (Charger, Case, Headphones, Etc.)
Claw Hammer Hammer with a claw to put in and remove stakes.
Clothes Pins Attach about anything anywhere.
Coat Swings of 50 degrees in Colorado are common. Take a coat.
Fire Extinguisher Stop out of control fires.
First Aid Kit Something that every set of camping gear should have.
Flint and Steel Firestarter Basic survival gear for starting a fire.
Gloves Even in the summer it can be cold in the morning.
Hand Saw Cut through the logs you can't break.
Heavy Duty Trash Bags Get the kind with draw strings so you can hang it up.
Large Water Container Clean drinkable water is very important.
Multi-Tool A handy set of tools to use in any number of situations.
Newspaper Great for starting fires. 10 Pages per fire.
Paper Towels Easy cleanup as well as extra fire starter if you need it.
Rain Jacket Stay dry. Stay warm.
Shoes Comfortable shoes that breath with nice tread are important.
Sun Screen Make sure to protect yourself and apply frequently.
Toilet Paper Many different uses. 1 Roll per day per person.
Waterproof Boots Make sure to always have good waterproof boots for emergencies.

Prepared Camper: General Camping List

This is the camping equipment that is nice to have but not vital to a good camping trip.

Have Packed Equipment Description
Binoculars You might as well get a better view of nature!
Bow Saw Great for cutting wood and far safer than an ax.
Bug Spray Keep the mosquitos and ticks at bay.
Bungee Cords Secure things or take the slack out of ropes in tarps and fly's.
Camera Capture the amazing scenery you are there to enjoy. Remember accessories! (Charger, Extra Battery, Lenses, Etc)
Canopy Stay out of the rain and the sun.
Compass An valuable tool in conjunction with a topo map.
Fire Poker Tend that fire safely with a fire poker not a stick.
Fire Wood 2 for each night of campfires. Buy this at or near your campground.
Hand Towel If you have room, take an extra hand towel as well.
Hanging Water Container Hang it so you can have some "running water".
Large Plastic Container Clear plastic container for packing and easy retrieval.
Spotting Scope Use it for both wildlife viewing and astronomy.
Tarps Cover your firewood. Add to your shelter. An extra rain fly.
Topographic Map Keep a map of the area with you whenever possible.
Walkie Talkie Great for communication when you don't have a cell signal.
Washcloth Small and handy for cleaning up spills, washing hands, and more.
Waterproof Notepad Keep notes, write down missing items or things that need to be replaced.

Deluxe Camper: General Camping List

This camping equipment is definitely not required. But it can really make a trip more enjoyable especially when the weather turns bad or something unexpected goes wrong.

Have Packed Equipment Description
Animal Guide When wildlife viewing know what you are looking at.
Bird Guide Learn about all of the birds you see camping.
Cell Phone Charger An extra solar battery cell phone charger can be very handy.
Chain Saw When you have lots of firewood to cut, there is no substitute.
Hammock So nice. Just don't hurt the trees. 1 per person at least.
Handheld GPS Always know where you are or where you might be going.
Head Lamp Hands free solution to light when eating dinner in the dark.
Magic Fire Cool colorful flames in campfire, just don't cook on it.
MP3 Player Music without the phone! Remember accessories! (Charger, Case, SD Cards, Etc.)
Plant Guide Know what plants are safe and which ones can be dangerous.
Portable Heater Take the chill off with a personal heater.
Telescope Take advantage of the lack of light pollution!
Thermometer Nice to have so you know if things might freeze at night.
Tripod Use with a scope, camera, binoculars, or as a drying rack.
Video Camera Record the best part of your trips to remember later.
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That wraps up the General Equipment Camping List. I know it is a long list but you will be glad you have something when it is needed.

Now, check our other lists. These lists tackle specific situations or activities that you may want to enjoy when camping. Make sure you have everything you need!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggested additions to this list please post your comments below. Happy Camping!