Tent Camping List

Camping Preparation Tent Camping ListCamping Preparation Tent Camping List

Use this Tent Camping List when you are planning your camping trip. When heading out to the wilderness, it is very important to make sure you have everything you need. Planning for camping trips can be hectic and it is easy to forget things. This Tent Camping List will help you get everything together that you’ll need for your tent.

Use the Tent Camp List below shows two columns of check marks: the first makes sure you own (or have located) everything you need for your trip. The second column is for checking them off a when they are actually packed. This is a great way to double check that you have, and have packed, everything you need. This system has saved me frustration more than once when heading out to go camping!

The list is also broken down into three separate sections:

  • Roughing It: Camping gear you will absolutely need.
  • Prepared Camper: Camping equipment that is nice to have.
  • Deluxe Camper: Not necessary but really nice to have in certain situations.

Use the print button to either print off a copy for you to use or you can “print to pdf” to use on your phone or tablet. I have left a few blank fields on the list so you can add anything you would like. However, when adding things to your Tent Camping List, make sure to follow this important rule:

Never keep food or other items with a fragrance, such as toothpaste or deodorant, in your tent.

This will attract animals. It is very easy for animals to get into tents and sleeping bags. You definitely don’t want to come back to camp right before that afternoon rainstorm to find holes chewed through your tent and your stuff scattered. Even worse would be finding a bear sitting on your sleeping back eating up all your toothpaste!

If you are missing any items or need to replace an item, just click on the hyperlinked name of the item to order it!

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Roughing It: Tent Camping List

This is the must have camping equipment you should take camping to make it a successful and enjoyable trip.

You home away from home is the tent. You want to make sure you have everything you need for an enjoyable outdoor camping trip. Make sure you have all of these items in your tent when you are camping.

Have Packed Equipment Description
BBQ Lighter A survival "must have" plus keep your hand from getting burnt down in the fire pit.
Claw Hammer Hammer with a claw to put in and remove stakes.
Tent The first thing you will need is a place to sleep.
Sleeping Bag You are going to need a warm place to sleep.
Blanket An extra blanket or two is very important.
LED Lantern LED lanterns are bright and last a long time.
Tissues Handy for allergies and cool nights.
Flashlight Have a flashlight nearby you can stick in a pocket.
Utility Rope Braided nylon rope is good and durable, handles weather well.
Trash Bags Important for trash and your dirty clothes.

Prepared Camper: Tent Camping List

This is the camping equipment that is nice to have but not vital to a good camping trip.

Have Packed Equipment Description
Medium Plastic Container Clear plastic container for packing and easy retrieval.
Air Mattress This makes sleeping more comfortable and warm.
Air Pump Get a battery powered pump, it's worth it!
Rug Rugs both in and outside of the tent are great.
Hand Dustpan and Broom Keep the dirt out of your tent and bed.
Extra Tent Stakes Bent, broken, or lost. Those steaks will need replacement.

Deluxe Camper: Tent Camping List

This camping equipment is definitely not required. But it can really make a trip more enjoyable especially when the weather turns bad or something unexpected goes wrong.

Have Packed Equipment Description
Tent Toilet It might seem kind of weird, but it sure is nice in the middle of the night during a rainstorm.
Battery Powered Fan Tents get hot or you need to muffle some snoring.
Tent Heater When it gets really cold. Just make sure it is OK for tents and doesn't give off fumes. This can be dangerous.
Tent Rain Fly Extra weather protection for sun or wind and rain.
Tent Ground Pad Extra protection from rocks and moisture.
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Now, check our other lists. These lists tackle specific situations or activities that you may want to enjoy when camping. Make sure you have everything you need!

That’s it for our Tent Camping List. If you have other suggestions for what you keep in your tent let us know in the comments below. Happy Camping!

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