Memorial Day Camping Top Ten Trip Tips 5

Memorial Day Camping Top Ten Trip Tips Use these Memorial Day Camping Top Ten Trip Tips to have a great weekend camping. The Memorial Day Weekend camping trips are almost here. Everyone is gearing up for camping during Memorial Day Weekend in their favorite campsites and campgrounds. It’s important to keep a few things in mind when heading out to your favorite camping destination on Memorial Day Weekend. It is always crazy before a camping trip. This rush is expounded on holiday weekends such as Memorial Day because so many are trying to “beat the mob”.

Here are some of the best Memorial Day camping top ten trip tips to keep in mind when heading out to go camping this Memorial Day Weekend.

Memorial Day Camping Top Ten Trip Tips

  1. Double check all of your camping lists. Be sure to take everything you need.
  2. Tell someone in town when and where you are going camping.
  3. Don’t take firewood. Buy local supplies when you get into the campground. This helps to stop the spread of bark beetles.
  4. Add 10% to 20% more time to your travel plan as campers flood into the wilderness.
  5. Plan a “scenic route” to avoid traffic and make the traveling part of the vacation.
  6. Drive safely and courteously to your camping destination. Nothing ruins a fun trip like an accident!
  7. Stop on your way camping to get a meal. Hungry campers are angry campers.
  8. Have patience with your fellow campers in the campground. Everyone is trying to get settled in.
  9. Have a backup campground or two in mind in case the one you go to first is full.
  10. Be courteous to your camping neighbors. Everyone is on vacation and wants to have fun.

Above all keep safety and fun at the forefront of your mind when you are camping. This should start before you even leave the house and should continue until you are back. Avoid the road rage, campsite nabbing, and other things that spoil what should be a fun camping trip for everyone.

If you don’t have reservations you can look at what is already reserved at your favorite campground. Check out Reserve America before you head out to get an idea of what may be available.

Make sure that you have everything you need for your Memorial Weekend camping trip with out Camping Lists!

Memorial Day Weekend is the official start of camping season in Colorado. Follow these Memorial Day Camping Top Ten Trip Tips to make sure your camping trip gets off to a great start. Do your best to be a responsible, respectable camper on this fun Memorial Day camping weekend.

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5 thoughts on “Memorial Day Camping Top Ten Trip Tips

  • Mark (from a cubicle in the basement)

    #1 tip: NEVER go camping over Memorial weekend, or any holiday weekend for that matter. ALWAYS go camping the week after!

    #2 tip: If you are dumb enough to go camping over a holiday weekend, expect a 3-6 hour drive back into Denver due to the sheer number of idiots on the road.

    • Camper T Post author

      I think camping on Memorial weekend is fine. In fact in can be a ton of fun. I think the key to it is good planning and knowing that everything will be busy.

  • Nathan

    Great tips, didn’t realize the issue with bringing firewood and bark beetles. We’re planning to leave Saturday morning instead of Friday after work to avoid some traffic, but we won’t be fighting for a camp spot since we’ll be hiking in.

    • Camper T Post author

      It’s nice when you are able to backpack in. It makes finding a camping spot a bit easier. However, it doesn’t guarantee your favorite spot is available. There have been a couple backpack trips I have done to come over that final hill just to see tents already in the area I like to camp. However, its not a huge deal because you can pitch your camp elsewhere. Just be sure you are following the local parks rules on where you can camp.