Traditional Camping Smore Recipe

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tasty-smoreHow to make a Traditional Smore

A smore may be the quintessential camping food. Loved by millions the traditional smore is a wonderful camping treat.

Prep Time

Cook Time

Total Time


Serving Size

24 1 S’more

Traditional Smore Recipe Ingredients

  • Large Marshmallows | 10 oz bag
  • Graham Crackers | 1 box
  • Hersey’s Chocolate Bar | 12 1.5 oz Bars

Traditional Smore Recipe Instructions


  1. Break a full graham cracker in half. Put both half’s on a paper plate.
  2. Break the Hersey’s bar in half with the wrapper on. Set aside one half, put the other half in your pocket (with the wrapper still on).
  3. Spear a marshmallow on a two pronged fire roasting skewer.


  1. Roast your marshmallow on the fire (or camp stove), slowly turning it as the side begins to brown. Keep the marshmallow 6-12 inches away from the heat. Never roast a marshmallow directly in the flames.
  2. Once the entire marshmallow has been browned head back to the plate with the graham cracker
  3. Quickly pull the now warm and soft Hersey’s bar out of your pocket and place it on one graham cracker half.
  4. Use the other gram cracker half to help you slide the marshmallow onto the gram cracker with the chocolate.
  5. Flip the s’more over so the chocolate is on top.
  6. Carefully smash it down to get the hot gooey marshmallow into all of the cracks.
  7. Enjoy

Traditional Smore Recipe Notes

Mixing up the Smores Gram Crackers

The traditional gram cracker is what these s’mores are supposed to be made with. However, we have also found that some of the other flavors of graham crackers can be quite good. Popular choices are the chocolate graham cracker and the cinnamon sugar covered graham cracker. If you are using the cinnamon sugar coated graham crackers make sure that the coated side is on the inside.

Changing up the Smores Chocolates

As with the graham crackers you can also change up the chocolate that you use inside of the smore. You don’t even have to use chocolate. Caramel, taffy or just leaving it out can satisfy those campers that do not like chocolate. I have found the nougat filled candy bars can be a very good substitute for the chocolate bars.

Campfires are Dangerous

Be careful around the campfire at all times. It is too easy to get burned by the campfire ring, the roasting skewer, and even the hot gooey center of a freshly roasted marshmallow. If your marshmallow catches on fire do not wave it about! Carefully and cautiously blow it out or let it fall into the fire and start over. So please roast your tasty smore treats with care. Burns are no fun, especially when you are camping.
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