Make Camping Plans During Holiday Festivities

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well-prepared-campCamping trips might be the last thing that you think about when you are sitting around with your friends and family during the holidays but this is the time you should be thinking about it! Start making plans now for your summer camping trips, and you will be very grateful come camping season!

The holidays are all about friends and family and what better way to strengthen those bonds than by going camping with them? There is just something different, something a bit special, about who you go camping with. Together time should be more than sitting around the family room drinking egg nog and passing the time with small talk.

Camping gives you the opportunity to head out into the wilderness and spend a few nights with just the simple things. Doing this helps us appreciate who and what we have in our lives. Camping is working together to cook your meals, set up your tents, and make the campground your home for the next few days together. There is something quite gratifying in getting your hands dirty when camping. Setting up your lives for the next few days and putting in effort together to make a fun camping vacation.

One of the best ways to ruin a great camping trip is by poor planning and execution. Many places take reservations for campgrounds six or more months ahead of time. This can be a real pain if you are not planning your camping trips well ahead of time. There is nothing worse than finally getting to the place you want to go camping only to find it is full, along with all of the other campgrounds in the area.

So now is the time to touch base with friends and family you want to go camping with. Find out their level of experience, what gear they have, and what they might want to do when they go camping. This way they can let you know all you will need to know to prepare a great camping trip.

With my family, the holidays are the time to talk to one another and find out who wants to go on the annual family camping trip we plan. Some years it’s just a few family members and other times there are a ton of us. Having some advance warning means we are all able to plan time off work, plan the trip around our school schedules or major events, and make sure that we have the gear needed for everyone.

Last but certainly not least, talking to each other during the holidays gives us the opportunity to find out where we want to go camping and to make campground reservations. Many of the places we like to go take reservations six months ahead of time which means we are getting these camping reservations right after the family holiday gatherings. Scheduling these camping trips so far ahead of time and making sure we know who is going we can get all of the campground space we need to accommodate our camping group. Sometimes with a family our size, it seems to be a campground invasion!

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